Services for Individuals and Non-Residents

Our range of services covers the fields of taxation, new business creation and establishing residence in the Canary Islands:

  • Tax advice and elaboration of tax returns (IRPF)
  • Procedures related to obtaining Foreigners’ Identity Number (NIE) and residency card
  • Tax advice and preparation of tax returns for non-residents
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Tax advice on property taxes (IBI), property transfer, and local taxes
  • Advice on inheritance and tax on donations
  • Administrative procedures before authorities and public entities
  • Administration and management of properties and investments
  • Housing: property analysis and other, such as mail services
  • Translation services
  • Advice for the purchase and/or sale of properties, elaboration of contracts, and property lease
  • Comprehensive solutions for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Services for Businesses and Business Owners

The range of services offered by Genesis Consulting covers the entire spectrum of taxation for freelancers, business owners, and companies, as well as the creation and establishment of new businesses in the Canary Islands:

Creation and establishment of new businesses:

  • Constitution of companies
  • Tax advice and administrative procedures for freelancers
  • Establishment and incorporation of companies
  • Transfer of dormant companies
  • Search and processing of national, European, and international subsidies and financial support programs
  • Advice on funding sources
  • Search for investors (business angels and mutual funds)
  • Advice on marketing and trade channels in the Canary Islands

Tax advisory:

  • Fiscal advice and national and international fiscal planning
  • Investment related tax matters and pre-investment advice
  • Advice on tax incentives in the Canary Islands (IGIC, RIC, ZEC, etc.)
  • Consulting for Holding companies and its subsidiaries
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual tax returns (VAT, IGIC, withholdings, corporate taxes, IRPF, IAE)
  • Preparation and presentation of financial statements and monthly financial reports
  • Processing of annual accounts
  • Analysis and planning of companies’ fiscal situation
  • Resources and claims available after Tax Agency’s inspections
  • Formulation of consolidated financial statements for corporate groups, in addition to respective tax returns

Accounting management:

  • Preparation of accounting plans
  • Weekly or monthly accounting management
  • Development of company status reports
  • Management and development of required accounting records

Labor matters and human resources advice:

  • Personnel selection
  • Generation of employment contracts
  • Activation, deactivation and change of status on Social Security system
  • Production of payroll and social security documents
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Advice on dismissals and compensation

Other professional services:

  • Elaboration of sectoral reports
  • Advice and support on entering the Canarian market
  • Consultancy on financing mechanisms and resources
  • Negotiation with banks and investors
  • Advice on investment projects
  • Individual counseling